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Live Video Workouts & Playgroups - 1 Unlimited Prepaid Month

Join us for live workouts and playgroups! This is for moms and kids too — whether you’re baby is 6 weeks or 16, we have something for you here, and we’ll stay sane through the social distancing together!

If you are able to pay $85 for this monthly membership, thank you from the bottom of our little small business hearts. We will use that money to keep the business going, and make it possible for more moms -despite financial hardship- to access our workouts and playgroups.

If $85 is too steep, but you would be able to join with financial enthusiasm for $25, please use code "COVID19" at check out for $60 off.

$0 membership -- has the pandemic eliminated your or your partner's job? We are here for it mama. Let's trade! Do you know sign language? Teach kids yoga? Play the ukelele? Are you a bookkeeper? Write to 510@fit4mom.com with your idea.

Please join us for connection, workouts, and play!

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